Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pratidhwani WB : Foundation Day 2017

Foundation Day 2017

FOUNDATION DAY” was celebrated by “Pratidhwani WB” - a state level federation of parents groups of children and persons with deafness across West Bengal on 10th May, Wednesday, 2017 at Seva Kendra Sealdah, Kolkata.  52 persons including guests and members from twelve groups participated at the programme.

We gathered in the premise at 10.30 a.m. Post completion of registration and tea, we moved to the hall to be part of the inaugural session. Ms. Susmita Das delivered welcome speech and requested the following eminent guests to come on the stage, take their seats. All of them were felicitated through bouquet presentation. The guests were: Ms. Tulika Das, SANCHAR AROD, Mr. Shibapada Chakraborty, IDEAL School for the Deaf, Ms. Kuhu Das, AWWD, Mr.Sumanta Sen Roy, Hooghly Partner. Ms. Sukanya Chatterjee, IGSSS, Mr Shibapada Chakraborty, Ideal School for the Deaf DCW, Dr. Nandini Ghosh, IDSK, Ms.Sankari Ghosh, Icchapur Deaf School and Dr. Ruma Chatterjee, SVH.

The guests, parents and a young adult started the programme by lighting the floated candles in a pot filled with water and flower petals. Thereafter, everyone present in the hall sang the eternal Tagore song “Aguner porosmoni choyaon praane” – a wonderful ambience was created before the audience.

The second part of the inaugural programme was felicitation of a parent group on the basis of their participation at the Bi- monthly meetings during 2016-17 and of an individual parent who participated most consistently at the parents training programme during the year run by Pratidhwani WB. CINI was felicitated as the best participating group and Ms. Tumpa Gharai as the best trainee parent.

After the inauguration, the main session began. Ms. Snigdha Sarkar Secretary Pratidhwani WB set the ground for the day’s discussion. She made a presentation eliciting how Pratidhwani WB came to existence as part of a project undertaken by SANCHAR and DCW that was started in 2009 and ended in 2012 and that Pratidhwani was formed on May 10, 2010. She shared the activities that were undertaken during the project and also shared Pratidhwani’s activities from January 2013 onwards. It was a brief but complete picture of Pratidhwani right from its inception.

After her presentation, she requested the guests to speak and share their insights which would benefit the federation in terms of enriching its future plans and also formulating strategies. The guests spoke by turns and many valuable suggestions were given by each of them and appreciated that self drive of Pratidhwani to work will ensure that it will sustain and go a long way. 

There was a short break for the lunch at 1.35 p.m.  for half an hour after which the session resumed.

After the panel discussion, Ms. Snigdha Sarkar requested few members from parents group to come up and share their views. Mr. Buddhadeb Halder, Egie Cholo, Mr. Sundor Ali Gazi Baruhat Sathi, Hasnabad, Mr. Laxman Ch. Mondal, Samadhan, 24 paragana (S) and Mr. Shashanka Haldar,parent from Raidighi 24 Pag(S) expressed their views.

Ms. Sarkar reiterated the key learning points during her conclusion remark. Mr.Tushar Jana, President Pratidhwani WB gave the vote of thanks and the programme closed following a group photo. Pratidhwani W.B’s team effort was praiseworthy.

Without the support and active involvement from the parents groups, the programme could not be so successful and memorable for Pratidhwani WB.

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