Thursday, October 26, 2017

Life with hurdles by Debopriya Ghosh

Life with hurdles
Debopriya Ghosh

I am Debopriya Ghosh, daughter of Mr. Debshis Ghosh and Mrs. Soma Ghosh. I am deaf but I am not dumb. I graduated in Animation Film Design from National Institute of Design at Ahmedabad. Now I’m a Visualizer, Animator and 3D product designer.

Now I like to share my past with you how I crossed a lot of hurdles with the help of my family, neighbours and my friends. I was born in May 1992. My parents did not realize that I could not hear anything. After six months, my mother began to doubt but father did not believe that.

My parents got to know about my hearing impairment, when I was three and half years old. So we met Mr. Babul Bose who works with children with hearing impairment for their development of language and speech. There I had a lot of practice on speech and language till class V. Mrs Ratna was my tutor, she also taught everything in a very easy way. She passed away when I was in class four, on Independence Day.

At class VII, I moved from B.D Memorial Institute to G.S.S Girls’ School. I was surprised that teachers were wonderful there. They supported me and made me more confident. My friends also supported and respected me very much and my tutors Lipika Ma’am and Paromita Ma’am helped me a lot. Piu aunty, my tutor and my mother’s friend, helped me particularly in learning English, that time I was a very quiet girl.

One of my friends at Anwesha made me speak out and helped me become independent. From class VII, I slowly started going for my tuitions by myself, I started going to other places also. Anwesha is a non government organization and it was established by mothers in 2004. I was very comfortable to share with them and they helped in solving our problems.

I joined a camp in Darjeeling for five days in 2006. I learnt a lot of things there and had fun. I passed 10th board examination in 2009 and took admission in Ashok Hall Girls’ High School as G.S.S Girls school was up to 10th class only. In Ashok Hall I received respect encouragement. I passed 12th board examination in 2011.

I tried few colleges for admission i.e. N.I.D, M.I.D, Sristhi, Symbiosis etc. All of them except M.I.D called me for interview, I was really surprised. First interview was in N.I.D. I felt bold to speak out and explained them what I have learnt and what my passion were. Finally I got through to N.I.D college. The Principal ma’am at Ashok Hall was so happy that she gifted me one iPad.

I always remember my family, friends and also each and every member of Anwesha. My parents always helped me and struggled with my hurdles. I realized that without hurdles nothing will change in the world. Each and every hurdle made me stronger and more confident to overcome.

After I graduated, luckily I got a job offer from Ogilvy and Mather. My boss and leaders noticed my passion when I was working there earlier as an intern. I got the special jury award for remarkable achievement in creative field. I’m the recipient of Ogilvy Hero Awards 2017.

Two years have passed; I learned a lot of things, so now I’m pretty confident to go to my next step. I am thinking of studying masters abroad.

Now I am ending here, thank you for reading this. Hope you liked it.

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