Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Anwesha Kolkata's Annual Get Together Programme 2017

Annual Get Together 2017

Annual Get Together” is the most awaited day of the year. The programme is meant for our deaf children, young adults, their teachers, families and friends. Each one of us was enthusiastically looking forward to be part of it. Like every year, Anwesha Kolkata organized its annual get together programme on 8th January, Sunday, 2017 at Barendrapara, Rajpur, Kolkata and more than 100 people have participated. There were nearly 40 children and young adults with deafness, their siblings and friends. The other part of the group was their parents, family members, teachers, friends and well wishers.

We all gathered in a picturesque garden house, Barendrapara at 9.00 a.m. After breakfast, we moved to the adjacent playground. All sports related things were timely set up and the equipment was arranged by the sport team under the guidance of our parent member. There were various types of fun game like –

· Break the pot without looking at the object,

· Eat the Hanging Biscuit with no hand touch,

· Collect the potatoes and put them in a basket,

· Peel off oranges-Eat and Run,

· Balance Game,

· Walk

· Race &

· Go As You Like

All games were conducted aptly and every one of us enjoyed. Follow by the sports activity; we came back to the garden house where the delicious lunch was served at 2.00 pm. The music was played to keep up the momentum. A musical chair game was also conducted for all of us. The successful participants in sports category were awarded by a member of PRAKASH BULB. Anwesha Kolkata has given a lot of gifts to everyone as a token of love and positive gesture.

It was a great day for the children, young adults, their parents and family members and teachers as well, as it strengthened the bond between all of us. Anwesha Kolkata’s team effort was praiseworthy and especially we are thankful to Mr Sumantara Sarkar of Prakash Bulb Industries for sponsoring the gifts. Without their support and active involvement from the parents group, the programme could not be so successful and memorable for the children and the young adults with hearing impairment.

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